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About Avenir Group

We specialize in:

  • Project Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Cost estimating and management
  • Construction Management

Our company believes in continuous procedures, activities and personalized service, ensuring that we comply with industry standards and that the individual expectations of our clients are met.

Our main objective is to provide an unique and trouble-free construction experience to our clients through the use innovative and modern building practices.

We have an extensive network of construction and building material suppliers, backed by skilled resources rendering unparalleled service which enable us to provide solutions and brand name products at the most competitive prices within the time scales required in order to minimize project interruption.

Our Mission


At Avenir Construction we are determined to provide the best possible service to our clients while ensuring a safe working environment for our employees.

1. Ensure integrity, transparency and quality customer care

1. Ensure integrity, transparency and quality customer care

3. Provide qualitative detailed bids to our clients ensuring no hidden costs

2. Provide a clean, professional and harmonous work environment for optimal individual and group growth

4. Provide only quality products and services to our clients 

6. Incorporate proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables

Why us?


We offer both conventional and management based contracts

Conventional Building

We offer turn-key solutions, this compromises of the following: We are appointed for the total construction period of the building project at a pre-determined fixed price. Should there be any variation orders or changes to the original requirement this will be negotiated and billed at an agreed  

Project Management

It may be defined as an endeavor in which human, material and financial resources are organized in a novel way to undertake a unique scope of work of given specification within constraints of cost and and time so as to achieve beneficial change defined by quantitative and qualitative objectives. 

Avenir Construction Projects is structured and positioned to employ the minimum overheads to the benefits of our clients